Barriere Lake Solidarity on Ecolibrium

QPIRG-McGill working group Barriere Lake Solidarity presents this special edition of Ecolibrium, featuring Barriere Lake community members speaking of their struggle for land and liberty.

Quebec has recently launched its massive Plan Nord, which aims to extract resources from the traditional territories of the Cree, Innu, Inuit and Naskapi. Native activists and their supporters are coming together to resist this neo-colonial threat.

Three hours north of Ottawa is one of the most militant First Nations on Turtle Island – Barriere Lake. The community has been non-violently resisting colonialism, and industrial capitalism for years. This spring, facing new threats by mining and logging companies, their campaign has regained momentum, and they are bringing their struggle to the back into the streets.

No mining, no forestry, no tourism without consultation.

July 3 2012 edition

Today’s edition of Ecolibrium featured interviews from the Montreal St-Ambroise FRINGE festival’s Eco-Fair that took place on June 20th, 2012.

Interviews include members of Greenpeace, a representative of Eco-Stage, sustainable interior designers, members of Santropol Roulant and an artist who uses recycled materials. Also featured: a set-by-step guide to creating seed bombs! To accompany the interviews, the Hootenanny were recorded live from the Eco-Fair.

Includes recordings of musical performances by Kaia Kater and Ichka, who both performed at the Eco-Fair.

Produced by David and Elena with Sara, Megan and Ricole of the Flock Collective (seed bombing 101).

You can download the show here.

Photos from the Montreal St-Ambroise FRINGE festival’s Eco-Fair by Donald Hall of CKUT’s FULL CIRCLE show

Le Collectif Ecolibrium est à la recherche des soumissions d’artistes /The Ecolibrium Collective is seeking submissions from visual artists

Students on Ice Alumni in Rio

Tomorrow is the first day of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, which is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Also known as the Rio +20 Earth Summit, the event will bring together more than 100 heads of state, along with representatives of business and non-government organizations.

CKUT spoke earlier today with 24-year-old McGil graduate Audrey Yank, who is in Rio as part of the Students on Ice Alumni Delegation.

Her group is trying to put a spotlight on the impacts of climate change in the polar regions, and on the aboriginal people living there. You can hear the interview here:

Download (12.7MB)

Ecogardens on the ERR!

Members of the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Gardens (MSEG) present the latest edition of the ERR, bringing a grassroots perspective on how young people are responding to the excesses of the global food system. Check it out here:

You can also download this edition of the ERR here, or subscribe to our podcast.

The Flat Bike Collective: this is a public service announcement…

… also known as a PSA here in radio-land.

This one is really something else.

Produced by bike collective members Mike and Harmony, along with Agathe from Greening McGill, with help from David and LouEase from CKUT.

David Suzuki speaks to Ecolibrium at Degrowth 2012!

Dr. David Suzuki

“The very thing that keeps you and me alive is now being exploited to feed the economy and try to keep it growing — and it’s far beyond the capacity of the planet to continue.” -Dr. David Suzuki on economics and the biosphere.

Dr. Suzuki spoke to us about scientific literacy,  why the economy isn’t more important than air, and solutions in the cities.

He was in Montreal as keynote speaker at the Degrowth in the Americas conference.

Interview by Jane Zhang, Raisa MacLeod and Ryan Young.

Macdonald Student-Run Ecogardens on the ERR in June!

Fighting at every level: Sakura Saunders on mining and resistance

CORRECTION: We described Saunders in this post and on-air as an “anti-mining organizer” but she brought it to our attention that she identifies herself as a mining justice organizer, and does not oppose all mining operations. We apologize for this error.

Mining justice organizer Sakura Saunders speaks to CKUT about events last week in Toronto, where activists occupied a city park overnight before demonstrating at the site of the shareholders meeting for multinational mining giant Barrick Gold. CKUT spoke to Saunders on Monday, just after she had completed working on the 2012 Mining Injustice Conference.

This interview, co-produced by Katryna Van Vliet and David Gordon Koch, aired on the May 8 edition of Ecolibrium.

Music: “Success for Crime” by Red Mass


“These people were free”: the struggle against multinational gold mining in North Mara, Tanzania

An interview with Tanzanian activist Evans Rubara about the impacts of gold mining in his home country.

This interview, co-produced by Julien Dinerstein and David Gordon Koch, aired on the May 8 edition of Ecolibrium.