Sabina, Michelle and Alessandra on the microphones, live on the air in CKUT’s broadcast studio!

Members of The Plate Club, a reusable dishware provider service of the Students Society of McGill University, took over Ecolibrium on November 6th. They produced and hosted a full show that covered a wide range of topics.

The show featured an interview from a local student run-organization, Reboot McGill, to discuss how their actions respond to the problem of electronic waste on a micro-level scale.

Throughout the show, the birth, life and death of a Styrofoam plate is explained. Programmers also had the chance to speak with fellow McGill students and explored some of their conceptions of styrofoam.

The show includes a clip about the waste management system on McGill campus and in Canada from a conference and interview with Canadian Researcher Myra Hird.

Finally, a local Montreal musician and Plate Club Member Jess Roz does an amazing live in-studio performance!

Listen to the show here!″

Show credits:

Maggie Cascadden
Helen Lan Gao
Sabina Roan
Michelle Paspe
Alessandra Hechanova


Jess Roz, Plate Club Theme Song
Joanna Newsom, Sprout and the Pea


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