The Ecolibrium Collective put together a show for October 23rd!

Listen to the show here!″

The show featured an interview with the Business and Human Rights Coordinator, Ian Heide, from Amnesty International Canada. Ian spoke with Shon about Amnesty International’s ongoing campaign to promote ethical business practices within an international corporate environment.

Melissa and Shon had the opportunity to attend the End of Growth Tour talk given by environmentalist David Suzuki and economic Jeff Rubin on October 15th 2012. Shon gives a detailed report on some of the important points that were brought up during the evening.

Members of the Montreal Raging Grannies joined us live in the studio for an on-air performance of their songs about the environment. They also spoke to us about their Old, Bold and Beautiful Calendar for the year 2013!

Finally, we aired the second part of Will Allen’s lecture on Growing Power and the urban agriculture movement that is providing local and sustainable food to a wide network of town and cities across the United States

Nancy, Helen and Sheila of the Montreal Raging Grannies who performed live during the show and talked about their work and life as full-time activists and grand-mothers!

Show credits: Shon Wei Jein, Melissa Fundira
Bird and Radio Image: Cecilia M. and Romain H.


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