Please come if you can to the first Ecolibrium Collective meeting!

When: next Wednesday (May 16), 6pm
Where: CKUT, 2nd floor (room to be determined — just ask around when you get here)

Snacks & tea will be served!

More info on the collective below.

All members of CKUT are invited to participate in a collective of volunteers to contribute to the weekly Ecolibrium show.

The show will serve as a training ground for volunteers, and a nexus of people fascinated by the natural world and concerned about the future of the Earth.

Volunteers are invited to contribute in several ways:
-generating story ideas
-writing & researching reports on enviro news
-producing interviews & documentaries
-hosting & operating the boards for live broadcasts
-selecting music to feature on the show
-training new volunteers
-promoting the show online
-designing flyers & posters
-producing Public Service Announcements for enviro groups & theme music for the show

In short, this is a chance for enviro-minded people to get involved in all aspects of collective radio production. For more information, contact


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