CKUT is seeking your feedback about the Ecolibrium Radio Residency!

Please listen to past editions of our podcasts (linked here and here) and fill out our survey for your chance to win a book or CD!

Lovely listeners – you are invited to complete this survey anonymously – but to win a PRIZE you must provide us with contact info!

To motivate one and all to listen to the ECOLIBRIUM RADIO RESIDENCY and send us feedback, CKUT is offering a prize to three randomly selected respondents!

The winners will have their choice of either a book or CD!

Our gift CDs are many and diverse in style and artist!

The books are published by, and come courtesy of, the lovely Drawn and Quarterly Books. They include:

A full-cover collection of cartoon shorts entitled Jamilti and Other Stories by Rutu Modan


Prayer Requested, a “narrative of illustrations and collages, each one accompanied by a found or scavenged prayer,” by Christian Northeast

About the project: The Ecolibrium Radio Residency aims to use radio and podcasts to raise awareness about environmental initiatives based out of McGill University (Montreal, Canada). To this end, CKUT is offering a series of training workshops in basic radio production and podcasting to environmental groups, students and professors at McGill.

Thanks to the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund for supporting this effort! To get involved, email us at


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