In case you missed the Flat’s live broadcast on CKUT, you can now stream/download the audio here!

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Congratulations to all the participants at the Flat for their amazing work!

Over the past month, members of the Flat Bike Collective have been learning basic radio production skills as part of the Ecolibrium Radio Residency, which aims to use radio and podcasts to raise awareness about the work of campus-based environmental groups.

Please consider supporting our work by making a donation to CKUT! You can donate online or make a pledge by calling 514-907-9424.

On this edition of the ERR:

-Yves Engler, co-author of Stop Signs: Cars and Capitalism on the Road to Economic Decay – interview by Harmony Shenk

-Stories from the Flat:  fun bike adventures, harrowing accidents, and reflections on bike community in Montreal – by Zinta Avens Auzins

-Torrey Pass and Lucie Poulin, who biked 26,000 km from Alaska to South America to raise funds for Cyclo Nord Sud – by Harmony Shenk

Traces: Poetry & sound collages by Aimée Cloutier

-Bon Hub, Bad Hub: bike diagnosis by Mike Prebil

Hosted by Zinta Avens Auzins, Aimée Cloutier, and Noah Eidelman

Technical production by Zinta Avens Auzins

Music: “Sexy Pair of Pedals” by Megan Rose, “Tour de France Étape 1″ by Kraftwerk” and “Bikes and Bridges” by Defiance, Ohio


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