The pilot edition of the Ecolibrium Radio Residency is available for download!

You can listen to the show streaming online here:

You can also download the show here.

The broadcast, produced by Climate Justice Montreal, features voices from across North America and around the world, focussing on the impact of oil and mineral extraction.

-The energy company Suncor meets opposition from the Syrian Collective of Montreal for supporting the regime of Syrian President Basher al-Assad

-Aaron Barcant of the Concordia Initiative for a Conflict-Free Campus on “blood mineral” extraction in the Democratic Republic of Congo

-Juan Carlos Contrera of CEIBA, a group that works to support poor and marginalized people in Guatemala, on the role of Canadian mining companies in repression (see this earlier post for more info)

-Writer and activist Martin Lukacs on protests in Washington, DC against the Keystone XL, a pipeline that would transport oil from the Alberta tar sands to refineries in Texas

-Journalist Will Campbell reports from the protests in Ottawa against the Keystone XL

-Ben West of the Wilderness Committee, an environmental advocacy group,  on initiatives to fight the Gateway pipeline in British Columbia

-Cameron Fenton, national director of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, on the Enbridge Trailbreaker – a pipeline that would bring tar sands oil through Montreal

-Director, writer, and activist Brett Story on her recent film, entitled Land of Destiny (2010), and pollution in the industrial town of Sarnia, Ontario


Credits: Alex Briggs, Alex Oster, Saurin Shah, Dana Holtby & Hilary Angus

Music includes excerpts from a kora performance by Stephen Fuller – recorded live in Studio PCR at CKUT – and the song “Désobeissance civile” by Keny Arkana.

Thanks to CKUT and the McGill Sustainability Projects Fund for supporting this broadcast


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